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The state of Western Australia (WA) has a FREE online historical BDM index. THANK YOU STATE GOVERNMENT of WA! Elderly family historians struggling to survive on pensions very much appreciate your generosity in making this available.

The WA historical family history records range from:
births 1841-1932;
marriages 1841-1936;
deaths 1841-1964

That branch of the family spelt MAWBY predominates over MAWBEY in Western Australia. There is only one entry for MAWBEY in the WA index of births, deaths and marriages and this was for a marriage betweeen WILLIAM MAWBEY and EMMA THOMAS at Boulder in 1910.

There were five marriages recorded under the spelling variant MAWBY and these all occurred between 1921 and 1936 which is beyond the scope of this family history.

However, 10 of the 14 recorded MAWBY births in WA were much earlier, ranging from 1897 to 1912 which is within the timeframe of this project.

Six of these children were born to JOHN HENRY MAWBY and ALICE SOPHIA JAMES. The first born, ARTHUR HENRY, was born in 1897 in Coolgardie, the next three, ERNEST CRAIG, LILY RUTH and PERCIVAL GEORGE, Fremantle, and the last two unnamed infants who were stillborn at Kalgoorlie and Chidlows Well.

The deaths of the parents, JOHN HENRY and ALICE MAWBY, and all their children are recorded.
[Source: WA BDM]

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