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Sometimes the spellings 'Mawbey' and 'Mawby' are used interchangeably on the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages register. Here are those just listed as 'Mawby':

The registered the following births in NSW: 1882 Theodore, 1883 Emma, 1885 Maria, 1888 Lisette, 1889 Pauline.

They registered the following births in NSW: 1885 Charlotte, 1887 Christopher, 1888 Annie.

They registered the following birth in NSW: 1887 Sydney. Olive aged 24 arrived in Sydney with her three year old son Joseph on the Parthia as assisted immigrants in 1886.

The registered the following births in NSW: 1897 Thomas, 1900 Dorothy.

In 1846 two unassisted arrivals from England, Mr J Mawby and Mr L Mawby, arrived in Sydney on the Walmer Castle from London and Downs. Their arrival date was 23-12-1846.

According to the State Records Insolvency Index, a Laurence Mawby, horse dealer, of Pitt Street, Sydney was sequestered (his property removed) on 19-2-1848.

An Edward Mawby, restaurant keeper of Forest Lodge and Balmain, was sequestered on 25-9-1883 with certificate issued on 22-9-1886.

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While researching the World War I service records of the MAWBEY family, I discovered there was a larger group with the spelling variant, MAWBY.
Information about them and some of their forefathers will be presented on this page.
According to the UK National Archives website, there were three MAWBYs inolved in the BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR:
1. JOSEPH MAWBY from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England; rank - landsman, HMS Britannia; killed in action 1805.
2. JOHN MAWBY from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England; rank - midshipman, HMS Spartiate.
3. RICHARD MAWBY from Wadford, Northamptonshire, England; rank - corporal, HMS Britannia.
[Source: Trafalgar Ancestors Database via UK National Archives]

The Battle of Trafalgar was waged off Cape Trafalgar on the south-western coast of Spain in 1805, and was a British victory under Lord Horatio Nelson against Spanish and French fleets.

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The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser, Wednesday, 27 March 1850
Government Gazette. General Post-Office Sydney. 28 February 1850. List of letters now lying in this office unclaimed ... addressed to persons residing in the Hunter River and Northern Districts ... JOHN MAWBY, Canning Downs.

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Mawbey - nil Mawbey - nil Mawbey - 2
Mawby - 45 Mawby - 38 Mawby - 37


The state of Western Australia (WA) has a FREE online historical BDM index. THANK YOU STATE GOVERNMENT of WA! Elderly family historians struggling to survive on pensions very much appreciate your generosity in making this available.

The WA historical family history records range from:
births 1841-1932;
marriages 1841-1936;
deaths 1841-1964

That branch of the family spelt MAWBY predominates over MAWBEY in Western Australia. There is only one entry for MAWBEY in the WA index of births, deaths and marriages and this was for a marriage betweeen WILLIAM MAWBEY and EMMA THOMAS at Boulder in 1910.

There were five marriages recorded under the spelling variant MAWBY and these all occurred between 1921 and 1936 which is beyond the scope of this family history.

However, 10 of the 14 recorded MAWBY births in WA were much earlier, ranging from 1897 to 1912 which is within the timeframe of this project.

Six of these children were born to JOHN HENRY MAWBY and ALICE SOPHIA JAMES. The first born, ARTHUR HENRY, was born in 1897 in Coolgardie, the next three, ERNEST CRAIG, LILY RUTH and PERCIVAL GEORGE, Fremantle, and the last two unnamed infants who were stillborn at Kalgoorlie and Chidlows Well.

The deaths of the parents, JOHN HENRY and ALICE MAWBY, and all their children are recorded.
[Source: WA BDM]


The Mercury, Tuesday 28 December 1909
Country News. Tullah. JOSEPH MAWBY and four other males were charged with disturbing the peace in Peters-street on the 7th inst. Only one answered to his name and pleaded not guilty. MAWBY and the others who were not present were found guilty and fined 10s, and 6s. 8d. costs each, in default seven days imprisonment. The disturbance around the tin-kettling of a returned married couple involved around 100 people.

The Mercury, Saturday 20 June 19??
Zeehan. June 19. JANE MAWBY and Charles Robert Lynchof Tullah were each fined 10s, 9s. costs, and 11s. 9d. witnesses' expenses for being owners of stray pigs at Tullah.

[Source: Australian Newspapers beta]


A brickmaker aged 18, he arrived in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) on the Candahar on 21 July 1842.
He was transported from Spithead on 2 April 1842 [OAT; QSR says 26 March 1842], arriving at Hobart Town on 21 July 1842.
His description: Trade, Brickmaker; Height (without shoes), 5ft 11 inches; Age 18; Complexion - fresh; Head - oval; Hair - black; Whiskers - none; Visage - round; Forehead - loco ?; Eyebrows - black; Eyes - ditto; nose - small; Mouth - ditto; chin, broad; native place, Northampton.
Remarks (tatoos) - freckled sailor with flag bottle and glass J + MJ + H on ... arm; woman holding flower E x MM+B on left arm. [Source: Tasmanian Archives] SEE ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN DESCRIPTION (page 226 of log book) via TAKE A LOOK LINKS @ TasArchives-MAWBY

Colonial Times, Hobart, Tuesday 7 October 1856

Monday 6 October. Thomas Dobson and JOHN MAWBY were placed on trial for the burglary at the house of Morton Allport, on the night of 25th August. They pleaded not guilty. Mr Brewer appeared for the prisoner, MAWBY. Witness Mrs Allport deposed she saw MAWBY whilst sitting at a window seeking employment as a sweep with her servant. She also saw him 'surveying with apparent interest' the area of the house where the break-in occurred. On 27 August, MAWBY pawned an overcoat at a pawnbroker in Argyle-street in the name of Smith. Next day he went back and pawned a hat in the name of MAWBY.

An alibi for MAWBY was provided by Samuel Barker, of New Town, a brickmaker, who had known the defendant for nine years. He claimed MAWBY had been at home at the time of the alleged burglary. The jury found MAWBY guilty.

If this is the transported convict, JOHN MAWBY, also a brickmaker, he was aged 32 at the time of this indictment.

The Mercury, Hobart, Monday 20 July 1908
Shooting Accident. Young man injured. Zeehan July 19. A gun accident of a rather serious nature occured at Mount Farrell today to a young man named JOSEPH MAWBY...

Spithead is a body of seawater between Portsmouth on the southern coast of England and the Isle of Wight.


After I started researching the family history of my own family name, MAWBEY, a couple of months ago, I found a lot of information about the variant spelling, MAWBY.
Being the type of person who does not like to throw things out, I decided to include the MAWBY information in my MAWBEY blog.
However, the time has come to make a new 'wardrobe' for the MAWBY outfits because they are making the MAWBY one too crowded.
So here it is.
Welcome to MAWBY FAMILY AUSTRALIA. I hope you can add to the information I have found.